The school is managed and operated by volunteers. The school board determines all important policy issues. A school principal and the team members run the school’s routine operations. Parents are encouraged to get involved in all school related activities.

School Board

Directors: Hui Yi(Chair, Fundraising Coordinator), Xiaoming Yu, Yongjiang Xu, Yingjie Wan, Hairong Yao, Lei Zhou, Jianghua Feng, Xiaoying Fu, Lan Zhuang, Wenjin Wang.
Secretary: Lin Xia


School Administration

Principal — Yongjiang (Jerry) Xu
VP of Academic Affairs — Yingjie (Martin) Wan
VP of Registration — Hairong (Laura) Yao-Nieh
VP of Student Tests and Performance — Lei Zhou
Chairman of PTA — Frank Feng
Manager of PTO (Parent On Duty) — Xiaoying (Steve) Fu
Webmaster — Wenjin Wang
School Store Manager — Yu Che
Treasurer — Lan Zhuang
Account Payable — Shanhong Yan
Account Receivable — Hong Zhou
Director of Yearbook and Contests — Searching
Adviser of Student Council — Searching
Director of Registration System — Searching
Director of facility Search — Searching