Tuition is due annually:

All Chinese Language Class: $380
All Drawing Class: $380
Children Karate: $380
SAT I Preparation Class: $380
AP Chinese Class: $380
Tai-Chi (50 minutes lesson): $200
Adult Dance Class (per 50 minutes lesson): $200
Adult Ballroom Dance Class: $380
Introduction to Gu Zheng (60 minutes lesson): $380
Oral English for seniors: free

1. Tuition is due annually.

2. Senior: age 65 or older.

3. All classes are two 50 minutes session per lesson unless specified otherwise.

4. Registration fee is $20 per class. Registration fee is waived if tuition is paid by the Early Registration Deadline which is the first Monday of August for Fall semester and the last Friday of December for Spring semester. The school reserves the right to change the deadlines. If changes are made, the new deadlines will be posted on this website.

5. A $30 cancellation/refund processing fee will be charged for any dropped class. The cancellation fee will be waived for any classes change by the school.

6. No refund will be issued after the third school day of the school year.

7. The registration period will be ended after 5th week of each semester.

8. Tuition and fee are subject to change without notice.

9. Please make check or Money Order payable to Great Wall Chinese School, no cash or credit card is accepted.


Parent-on-duty (POD) Policy

Great Wall Chinese School always put student safety as the first priority. To enhance our safety system, we decided to implement the new POD policy starting in the 2015 Fall semester as following:

1. POD is mandatory for all students in all classes. Each registered family requires three sessions of POD in each semester.
2. When registering classes, the registration would not be completed until the corresponded sessions of POD are scheduled.
3. A $30 parent-on-duty deposit will be billed for each family when registering classes. The deposit will be returned when one leaves the school if the scheduled PODs are performed every semester. However, the deposit will be confiscated if the scheduled POD is not performed in the semester.
4. Two school officers will be on duty for each session and POD will report/sign in/out to the officer on duty before and after performing the POD.
5. If the schedulable dates are full, one can do some other duties for GWCS, like help for Spring Gala event, etc.

为了更好地推行和完善家长值班制度,向包括您孩子在内的每一位学生提供安全舒适的学习环境,校委会、理事会和家长会经过多次认真讨论,在充分听取家长意见 和借鉴其它中文学校经验的基础之上,决定自2015年秋季学期起,向每一个注册帐号征收每学期$30的值班费。该费用为押金性质,当家长完成了所需的值班 后,值班费将被退回或转到下一学期。如果家长没有完成值班,则值班费将被扣除并转作家长会活动基金。未缴纳值班费的帐号内将有课程状态被置为 “Pending”, 任课老师将会向该生进行查询。

In order to refine the parent on duty program while providing a safe and comfortable study environment for every student including yours, the school administration team, the board and PTA have conducted thorough discussion, collected opinions from parents and considered lesson learned from other schools. It has been decided that a POD fee ($30) will be collected per semester for each registered account starting Fall 2015. POD Fee works like a deposit, it will be returned or transferred to next semester if the parent have performed required Parent On Duty. However, POD fee will be retained and used to fund PTA activity if the parent failed to perform POD. The status of course(s) of an account with unpaid POD fee will be set to “Pending”, teacher will remind the student to make his/her parents aware.