Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students, 

Many teachers and parents have expressed their concerns regarding the uncertainty and potential risk of the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in our community. Based on the latest CDC report, there is only one case reported in US, and there is no evidence of the new virus spreading in our community. However, we know and fully understand your concerns. The safety of our families is always our utmost priority. 

Based on the above consideration, we are very sorry to let you know that the long waited Chinese Gala, activities and dinner will be CANCELLED. There are NO SCHOOL scheduled for January 26, 2020 (this is not a school day).and February 2, 9, 2020 (will be rescheduled). Our Gala will be rescheduled later. If you or your child is not able to return to Great Wall Chinese School due to Corona Virus, please notify school and we will refund the tuition to you. 

It’s not an easy decision for us. We ask for your understanding, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that might be caused by this cancellation. 

For public safety, we would like to ask everyone to take these following procedures: 

1) IF you had visited China recently, or visited Wuhan, or contacted someone who was back from Wuhan recently: Please stay at home and monitor your health for 2 weeks (start from the day you landed in US); Please restrain from contacting with others before you are clear; Please restrain from coming to our community and our Chinese School. This is VERY IMPORTANT, for you and for our community. 

2) If you or your family members are sick, please stay at home and take good rest, restrain from coming to our community and our Chinese School before you are fully recovered. 

For the benefit of our loved ones, our community and school, please take care of yourself and take care of others. 

Great Wall Chinese School Board 

January 23, 2020 


大家好。许多家长都表达了他们对疫情不确定性和潜在风险的关注。虽然美国不是疫区,也没有证据表明我们的社区存在病例或疫情蔓延的情况。但学校听到了,也理解老师们和家长们的担忧。这也是我们学校的优先考虑。为了最大程度保障长城的老师,学生,和家长的健康。经学校理事会集体投票决定,我们将取消1/26日的春节联欢会,游园活动和聚餐。 1/26日不上课(本来也没有课)。请注意:2/2日的课也取消, 会在六月份补上 !联欢会将在情况明朗后择期补办。 如果您或您的孩子因为得了Corona Virus而无法回校上课,请告知学校,学校将会退款给您。 

这不是一个容易的决定。许多老师,学生,家长为了这台晚会花费了非常多的心思和排练。学校为了晚会也动用了大量的人力和物力。但我们的考虑是,与其大家心思不定的举办晚会,不如让大家放个假,安安稳稳地在家里过个平安的新年。我们对这个决定给任何家庭,老师造成的不方便之处, 表示最真诚的歉意,谢谢大家的理解和支持。