For families that have registered the classes in school year 2019-2020, but unable to complete the classes due to COVID -19 Pandemic, and now registered classes in school year 2020-2021: the tuition credits will be given to your account according to the classes you registered in school year 2019-2020 and school year 2020-2021. Please note there will be no tuition refund ( no check refund).

Tuition Credit Policy:
1 credit = two-hour class ($190 tuition credit) 0.5 credit = one-hour class ($95 tuition credit)

  1. If you registered Chinese language class in both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, the tuition credit from prior Chinese class will credited to your account to appreciate all your effort and support. One Chinese language class is one credit. If you registered Chinese language class in 2019-2020 but not in 2020-2021, there will be no credit from prior Chinese class. Because it has been offered and completed online via Synchronized teaching using Zoom.
  2. For other non-Chinese language classes, the Spring semester tuition can be used to any 2020-2021 classes.
  3. For family with several students, if one student cannot come back to school, but other sibling(s) is registered for school year 2020-2021, the corresponding credits are available for sibling(s) to use.
  4. Due to COVID-19, most of parents are not able to complete their POD tasks, school admin team has decided to waive POD fee ($30 POD) for year 2020-20201 registered accounts.
  5. All credits from school year 2019-2020 can only be used in school year 2020-2021, and it cannot roll over to next school year. COVID-19 effects everyone, so does Great Wall Chinese School. Teachers’ salaries still need to be paid in full or partially, however, online Chinese classes were offered free to all Spring 2020 registered students and tuition becomes credits for year 2020-2021, thus the school is facing deficit in the coming school year. We are all together to fight against COVID-19, wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2020. All other questions or concerns please send email to

如果在长城中文学校注册了 2019-2020 学年的课,但由于新冠病毒而没能完成课业 的,如果您在 2020-2021 学年注册了长城中文学校的课, 学校根据您在 2019-2020 的注册情况给与积分用于新学年的学费,没有退学费,原则如下。

如果是两小时的课,可获得 1 个积分;如果是 1 个小时的课,可获得 0.5 个积分。 此积分可用于 2020-2021 学年。1 个积分$190, 半个积分$95.

  1. 如果 2019-2020 注册过中文课,2020-2021 也注册了中文课,学校为了感谢大家的 支持和理解,将上学期(2020 春季学期)的中文课学费做为积分转入 2020-2021 新 学年的账号。一门中文课有一个积分。如果 2019-2020 注册过中文课, 但是 2020- 2021 没有注册中文课, 将不再发放中文课的积分。因为该课在春季学期已经以网 课的形式完成。
  2. 2019-2020 其它课文化,春季学期的学费可用于 2020-2021 学年其他任何课程。
  3. 对于有多个学员的账号,若一个学生不能回来上课,但其他学员仍旧上课的,不能 回来的学员的积分可以给同一账号下的其他成员使用。若整个账号在新学年没有注 册任何课程,没有积分。
  4. 由于疫情,很多家长不能完成值班义务,校委会决定退还所有值班费($30.00)并 将其转入到新学年已注册的账户。
  5. 所有从上学年获得的积分,必须这学年使用,不再累积到下一学年。 2020 年是长城中文学校的困难时期,尽管没有实际到实体学校上课学校仍有诸多 费用支出,包括上网课的老师工资及无法上网课的老师部分生活费。由于 2020 春 季学期的学费转积分,今年学校的财务收支面临赤字。 其他问题,请发信至 联系。