Xiuhua Miao graduated from Academy of Art & Design, Tsinghua University (清华大学美术学院,原中央工艺美术学院). In America, she studied art in West Valley College, California. She worked as a fashion designer and graphic designer for many years. After having her own children, she fell in love with teaching art to children. She started teaching drawing at Great Wall Chinese School in 2010. She has received very good feedback from parents and students for her teaching method and her atitude toward working with children.
Xiuhua Miao tries to combine the eastern and westen way of teaching art to Children. While providing instruction in the use of materials and techniques, in an effort to encourage and support each child’s individual style of visual expression, teacher Miao guides students through the process of creating their own art. Children learn to trust their own creative impulses and learn to view the world as a place filled with possibilities, one where they are encouraged to shape and express their own vision.

缪秀华 毕业于清华大学美术学院(原中央工艺美术学院),在美国毕业于加州西谷大学艺术系, 曾做过多年的时装设计师和平面美术设计师,有了自己的小孩后她热爱上儿童美术教育。2010年她开始在长城中文学校教课,她的教学方法和教学态度得到了许多家长及学生的好评。