As rising numbers of young kids learn Chinese in America, the hottest new language trend may leave some parents scratching their heads. Why should our kids learn Chinese? The rapid changes around the globe represent new needs, new directions and new opportunities for bringing children to a broader and a bigger world—and that big, broad world to them. Kids who learn Chinese and English will be ready to join the global conversation and take advantage of all the world has to offer. There are many smart parents who have already seen the trend. They send their kids to us – Great Wall Chinese School – Introduce Chinese to Children (ICC).

Teacher Jiang joined Great Wall Chinese School in 2008. She is specialized in teaching Chinese language to children who do not have the Chinese speaking background. As a certified high school teacher in China, she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Teaching History and taught at the prestigious Chengcheng Middle School for three years. Later, Teacher Jiang pursued and obtained her Master of Law from Beijing Foreign Affairs University and Master of Arts in Political Science from Villanova University. Teaching has always been part of her life and career. In addition to high school teaching experience, she had taught English to children in China. Between 1999 and 2007, Teacher Jiang taught at Mingde Chinese School. Her students were primarily adopted Chinese children in American families. Chinese culture, arts and crafts were indispensable parts of her teaching. Since Teacher Jiang joined Great Wall, our ICC classes increased from 1 to 4 levels. Her Level II and Level III class students have successfully passed YCT I and II and two of her students won the first and the second place awards at the Greater Philadelphia Chinese School Speech Contest in 2011. Teacher Jiang’s teaching focuses on children’s communicative abilities, which include listening and speaking abilities. In her teaching, Teacher Jiang emphasizes repeated recycling of the vocabulary and progressive sequence of the Chinese language structures. The text book she uses is “Rhythmic Chants for Learning Spoken Chinese” which is fun to read and easy to remember.