Math Fun

A new Fun Math class will be offered. This class offers an opportunity for those who are interested in Math Count, AMC, etc… to learn advanced mathematical knowledge and skills of mid-to-high school level. Learning materials include Math Count and AMC problems of previous years, official Mathcount and AMC training exercises, as well as instructor-developed handout. Teaching style is simulative practices combined with problem-solving-oriented lecture.

本课面向有志于Mathcount, AMC等数学竞赛的学生,提供一个研讨6-10年级数学中高级课题、知识和方法的机会。我们将使用Mathcount和AMC历年的真题和参考资料作为学习材料,另外任课老师也将提供自编的讲义。课程将以模拟竞赛考试、试题讲解和专题讲座的形式进行。